Typical building methods take 6 months+

Our system enables your builder to take 8 weeks.


What We’re On About…

The REZICAST System allows builders to quickly attach precast panels together, hence forth accelerating build times which in return offers flexibility in design and overall cost reduction.To grasp the value in the REZICAST System it’s important to first understand the value in Precast Concrete.Precast Concrete offers bushfire resistance as well as termite & cyclone resistance. The utilisation of Precast also allows for superior acoustic benefits, minimal ongoing maintenance and a highly energy efficiency rating.Traditionally Precast Concrete wasn’t suitable for the residential market due to its slow installation process, however the use of the REZICAST System means that builders and their clients can get the best of both worlds.The REZICAST System enables you, the benefit of Precast Concrete without the hassle of long installation timeframes.

Benefits of the REZICAST System.

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