Rezicast™ Systems Pty Ltd is the entity that has authority to Licence Builders to use the IP for the Patented Rezicast™ Residential Home Building System.  At Rezicast we maintain a strong commitment to upholding our belief that all business should implement strategies toward ESG for the benefit of the wider community within Australia and Internationally.  We encourage an inclusive culture in our dealings with business partners and uphold a zero tolerance toward bullying, or any type of discrimination, in the work place and society in general. 

Environmental – The Patented Rezicast™ Home Building System is designed to minimise waste from the outset and build stronger for longer. With the external walls being fabricated in a controlled environment we can limit the use of water, reuse formwork and benefit from renewable power as it becomes a key part of maintaining a sustainable manufacturing business.   Transport of trades people and materials to, and from, site are also minimised with a significant portion of the build done in a controlled environment.  Site clean-ups and the need for machinery and bins on site are reduced. Less energy is needed to heat and cool. It is a more resilient, robust, long lasting option for remote communities. We have limited requirement for structural grade timber for internal walls. 

Social – Health and safety is enhanced when using the Rezicast™ System with working at heights time reduced. Unskilled labour opportunities are increased and this has potential to create opportunities when building in remote areas. Further job security potential within existing precast plants with development of the use of precast panels in residential construction. A fundamental part of the Rezicast Business Model is to “make a difference”. We want to work with existing business to allow them the opportunity to improve productivity with an aim to providing more homes for those without. 

Governance – Rezicast™ Systems has joined as members with construction industry bodies to assist us in partnering with reputable companies for our licensees.  We have an equal opportunity workplace and encourage inclusiveness, where practicable and safe, to all persons no matter their background or heritage. 

Our administration systems and practices involve consultation with legal and accounting advisers for auditing purposes. Our corporate responsibilities to comply with the laws of the state, territory and/or country in which we operate are considered in our strategies for expansion and growth. The directors of Rezicast Systems are driven to lead by example and promote inclusiveness in the work place.