Lock up typically

takes 12 weeks.

Our system enables you to achieve it in 10 days.

Benefits of the REZICAST System.

Rapid Build Time

4 bedroom, single storey homes can be built in as little as 8 weeks with lock up achieved in 10 days, 3 times faster than Brick Veneer.

Saves On Trade Costs

Less trades are required as the Panels are manufactured. The REZICAST System is a very easy installation process.

Supports Flexibility

Any home design can be built with the REZICAST Systems, with an endless variety of shapes, colours, textures and finishes to the Panels.

Benefits of Precast Panels.

Bushfire Resistant

The REZICAST System is bushfire resistant thanks to the solid 150mm thick Panel achieving a 180 minute FRP.


Enviroment Minded

Building with REZICAST Systems has a minimal impact on the environment, less trade waste onsite and the Panels themselves can always be recycled.

Cyclone Build Compliant

Tie-down inserts to resist cyclonic winds are simple to install and connect. Precast finishes are highly impact resistant and require minimal repairs and maintenance.

Highly Energy Efficient

Reduced ongoing heating and cooling costs because of the thermal efficiency of the Precast Panels.



Minimal Defects & Maintenance

Precast Panels require minimal maintenance over the life span of the home as Precast Concrete is a strong, durable and a versatile building material.

Superior Acoustic Benefits

Precast is a very good material for acoustic insulations, blocking airborne noises whilst also reducing impact noises.

Find a client.

Or tell yours.


Is REZICAST Systems a Builder?

REZICAST Systems is not a Builder, we are a System, that enables builders to quickly attach Precast Panels together.

Is REZICAST Systems a Franchise?

REZICAST Systems is not a Franchise, we are a System, that enables builders to quickly attach Precast Panels together.

Are all house designs suited to the REZICAST system?

All homes can be built using the REZICAST System, we can recommend a Designer we work with or if you have a Designer you work with we can chat with them.

Why should I build homes using the REZICAST Systems rather than Brick Veneer Construction?

There are many reasons why you should Build with REZICAST Systems instead of Brick Veneer. A big reason is a typical four-bedroom single level home typically takes 8 weeks to build, most Brick Veneer homes take 26 weeks or more. Precast Panels are manufactured in a warehouse and are not affected by the weather so you will not be delayed by weather conditions. The Panels are 150mm thick concrete and are load bearing so they are a lot stronger than Brick Veneer. Building with Precast Panels are more sustainable, controlled in a warehouse so less onsite waste saving in fees for waste removal. You will save a lot of time and money not having to deal with Bricks, they are labour intensive.

Why am I likely benefit using the REZICAST Systems?

Simply put you can build triple the amount of homes you would usually build meaning you will either save on time or making more money by tripling your workload. The REZICAST System is a new way of building within residential so there is a huge market for clients.

What skills do I need in order to build with the REZICAST System?

You need to be a licenced builder and we will teach you how to build with the REZICAST System.

How are the walls finished on the outside?

Options are endless. You can leave them raw, texture paint, stamp, polished feature Panels (just to name a few ideas).

Do we work for REZICAST Systems?

No. You’ll operate within our pay per job pricing model. 1 or 1000 projects, your choice.

Where are the Concrete Panels manufactured?

At a local Precast manufacturer closest to the areas you would like to build in. We are happy to chat with your local Precast Manufacturer to help you establish a relationship.

What are the advantages of building with REZICAST Systems?

Building with REZICAST Systems is quicker, more durable, more energy efficient whilst saving on time and cost.

If this is such a great System why isn’t it more well-known?

Builders have been building homes with the same common practice, labour-intensive methods for decades and up until now that has been working and Builders needn’t take a different approach to build more efficiently. The use of Precast Concrete is very well known to the commercial construction industry for large commercial developments and REZICAST Systems has adopted to same approach for building homes seeing it has many benefits. Australia has some of the harshest weather conditions and as we have all seen in 2020 homes are not performing under harsh climate conditions. With climate change upon us and climates getting more extreme each year, the need for improved efficient building technologies is needed now more than ever. The REZICAST System has been in development for the past 10 years and through trial and error the System has reached a point that Precast Concrete replaces outdated methods because of the many benefits it has to both Builders and Home Owners such as speed, strength and sustainability. You can’t get another material that is stronger than Concrete.

Visualise The Process

The REZICAST System can take as little as 10 days until lock up. That’s one thing to say and another to see. Walk through the process at your own pace here.

Day 1: Place Wall Panels & Trusses

April 1, 2020

Day 1: Place Wall Panels & Trusses

Precast panels are trucked to site for installation, cranes set up and start to lift panels one by one and position them into place them onto the concrete pads. As the panels are being placed the props are positioned so the panels are held in place. Once all the panels…

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Day 2: Plumbing & Preparation

April 2, 2020

Day 2: Plumbing & Preparation

The props can be removed once above is completed. The plumber can do all the internal drainage works and the local government can come to inspect the drainage. The precast panels can be primed ready for painting. The electrician can install the main power meter box into the panel opening…

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Day 3: Pour Slab

April 3, 2020

Day 3: Pour Slab

Paint the exterior of the precast panels which is usually done in a rendered paint e.g. Wattyl Granolmpact or Taubman Armawall depending on the finish the client has selected. Texture rollers can do around windows and doors without cutting in before windows are installed. The concreters can pour the slab…

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Day 4, 5: Roof Sheets, Windows & Frames Begin Instalment

April 4, 2020

Day 4, 5: Roof Sheets, Windows & Frames Begin Instalment

Start roof, fascia and gutter. Place frames (pre-fab or onsite construction). These can be walked through garage/alfresco/panel openings. Install Windows.

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Day 6, 7, 8: Internal Fitout (ie. Services)

April 6, 2020

Day 6, 7, 8: Internal Fitout (ie. Services)

The Plumbing, electrical & ducting can be started if appropriate. The roof can be finished and eaves placed. Install all external doors.

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Day 9, 10: Lock Up

April 9, 2020

Day 9, 10: Lock Up

The home should be all locked up and ready for you to send the lock up invoice to your client.

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