The Preliminary Process


Speak with a lender/broker about the amount you can borrow which will indicate how much money you can spend on your new home.


If you haven’t already researched builders within your area to find out about their products and services, now is the time to call them to find out more information on what they have to offer you.


When you have selected a builder, they will usually have a preferred builder designer they work with to come up with a few concepts OR you can choose off the plan. Once you are happy with the concept plan you can proceed with finalising the design that will be submitted to council. As soon as you have a concept plan, send it to your builder so they can provide a rough approximate to make sure you’re within your budget.

Site documentation

A geotechnical report, survey report and bushfire report will be required in order to get approval from council so you can organise for these reports. Also request a planning certificate from your local council which gives information to your builder on whether your approval process can be a complying development which is a quicker process then going through council for a Development Approval.


Depending on the builder you would like to work with you can start shopping around for tiles, fixtures, fittings, flooring and appliances. Most builders have preferred suppliers they work with so speak with your builder on making selections. Once you have a full set of plans and made your selections your builder will be able to provide a fixed contract price for you to give to your bank.

Approval documentation

Once you are happy with your house plans and have an indicative price you can shorten the process by submitting the plans with the applications and documentation required for approval. Once you have approval you will need to get a construction certificate and commencement notice for work to start.