SOLVED: Bad Weather Building

Your project schedule can be unaffected during the wet season, snow, rain and even extreme heat. The solution is simple and accessible.

REZICAST Systems allows a builder to achieve lock up in 10 days. This rapid build time means that you’re inside the house quicker and not being held up by rainy day setbacks.

It’s no surprise to us that Australia has such extreme weather. Flooding in one state with bushfires is another, it’s a realty of our climate.

REZICAST Systems can be used to weather proof your future building projects.

  • With our system, precast concrete walls are erected in just a few hours. Trusses are then installed on the same day. A “cold shell” is achieved in just the first day of construction.
  • In just 5 days your walls and roof are set. Weather proof! You can do many of these “cold shells” in preparation for the normal weather events that would normally shut you down.
  • Internal drainage can now be done under cover, floor slab prep can now be prepped and then line pumped through all window and door openings in panels, in the shade out of heat and rain/snow.
  • Frames can be either pre fab walked in or cut on site under cover.
  • Windows walked in and installed.

This common sense approach to building means that you’re delivering more projects, quicker than ever before. REZICAST Systems provides the simple solution to keeping all your trades in work for 12 months of the year!

For more information on what we can provide email us via or for an even quicker result you can get an online license estimation here.